Thanks for visiting this site! Bread and Lipstick is a blog that puts a spotlight on the collective experiences of many young professionals working in international development. It is a compilation of thoughts on emerging issues and development practices. For many, scaling opportunities for professional growth in  least developed countries is enriching at best, and exasperating at worst. Yet, even the most mundane projects offer proverbial lessons in driving innovation, fostering diplomacy, learning patience et al. The impetus for this blog is to unearth the good, the bad and the ugly; what works and what doesn’t. The ‘Bread’ represents the basic needs of people to subsist (access to food, water, education, health services, and a decent living wage- the good old human rights!), while the ‘Lipstick’ epitomizes our societal values and  material needs and wants we as humans have, this portion of the blog will be devoted to culture and lifestyle within the scope of development. In many ways, this duality doesn’t contradict itself; rather it articulates the extant balance of daily life.

Disclaimer: ‘Bread & Lipstick’  neither claims to express expert views, nor is it affiliated with any  organization. The information shared is simply intended to spark colorful discussions on all things development.